In what can only be considered a positive development by Arsenal supporters, we have recently learned that young-Gunner Carlos Vela has been suspended from international duty with Mexico for six months.

As a team, the Gunners are used to receiving only bad news from international breaks, as Arsenal have often had players come back injured from stints with their national teams. In just the last two seasons, we have seen Robin van Persie, Theo Walcott, Andrey Arshavin, Cesc Fabregas, Bacary Sagna, Johann Djourou, William Gallas, Nicklas Bendtner and others return to training with Arsenal, only to find that they have picked up any varying degree of injury whilst away with their respective national squads.

This time however, we find that one of our rising young players will be barred from international duty for a lengthy spell, assuring that he will be available to Arsenal only for the time being. Of course, any footballer may pick up an injury training with their club team as well, but that's the nature of the game. It is slightly comforting to know that at least one of our players will be protected from pulling double duty and running the risk of getting hurt while away from the Gunners.

Is there a way to get a few more Gunners suspended from international duty as well? Maybe Vela can show them how to throw a party to get the movement headed in the right direction.

Carlos Vela, as was alleged in a press conference by Mexican National Team director of player selections, Nestor de La Torre, threw a raucous party with various fellow Mexican National Team members, and in the process, violated four rules in the team code of conduct. The party allegedly occurred after a Mexican exhibition match against Columbia on September 7, at the team hotel in Monterrey, Mexico.

The details regarding the specific violations of the team code have yet to be divulged, but the rumors have been rampant. Various sources have alleged that among party guests were several prostitutes hired by the players. These rumors are only alleged, and yet to be substantiated by a reliable source, so for now they are only rumors.

Something caused the Mexican Team to suspend Vela, and Efrain Juarez of Celtic for six months each, for their role in the festivities, as well as dish out monetary fines to 11 other Mexican National Team members for their single violations of the code of conduct. There are pictures alleged to exist in the Mexican press, but seeing as they are also alleged to involve transvestite prostitutes, please forgive me for not fervently seeking them out.

Given Vela's rapidly emerging talent, he may see increased first-team action with Arsene Wenger's Arsenal squad. If his early performances this season are any indication, he may very well be growing into the potential that many have envisioned for the 21-year-old Mexican forward. With three goals in four appearances for the Gunners in 2010-11, including a brilliant double against Braga in the Champions League, Vela is quickly making himself an indispensable Gunner, especially in the absence of van Persie, Walcott and Bendtner from the striker corps.

For the time being, it is a relief to know that due to his alleged misdeeds, Carlos Vela will only be plying his trade and scoring goals for Arsenal and for six months at least, avoid the always dreaded, seemingly dangerous, international duty.